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Traveling; why, how, how much?

This blog post is simply a reflection of my personal experiences, it is aimed to give some insights on the travel cost and possibilities as I see them. While talking to people around me I see that there is a lot of people that believe that traveling is just for the rich, for privileged ones.

Building a site with static site generator

IntroductionJust a few days ago my mom asked me to build her a simple website to help her be present on the internet with her side business. Well I only have a general idea how to do it, no knowledge…

Release management

In small companies software is usually released manually (or half manually) directly from developers machine to production. Usually there is one developer (the go-to guy) who knows the process by heart and everything solely relies on him, sounds familiar?

Calling URL from Windows Scheduler

When developing web applications every now and then we have to make some scheduled task to periodically call some URL. This could be also for monitoring server uptime but I would recommend going for some 3rd party service for that.